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 Message from our Chairman 

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At IBC Bank, we are proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary with you. From our first bank in Laredo to 204 facilities across Texas and Oklahoma, one message holds true; we will always be your community bank.

“We Do More” isn’t just a slogan, it is something each of us whole-heartedly believes in and puts into practice every day.

We strongly believe that each IBC employee has a responsibility to be an agent of positive change. We are community members, and each of us has the opportunity to make our neighborhood a better place. Positive change starts at the community level, where we can make positive changes when we unite for a common cause.

Your involvement matters. Whether it’s through volunteering at local schools, donating to the United Way or serving on community boards, your involvement is noticed both internally at IBC and externally in the community. I take great pride in knowing that the IBC employees serving our communities are active and productive citizens. Serving our community within business and nonprofit organizations allows us to better meet our community’s needs.

The education of our children is a significant part of ensuring the betterment of our future. Our IBC Bank Minitropolis™ program is in full swing now that the school year has begun. Here, a small community is formed within the school - complete with student-led government, stores, an IBC Bank, entertainment venues and more. Children can earn money at their jobs, learn how to save and spend responsibly, support local business and work together with our fellow community members. The Minitropolis™ program builds good citizens who grow into our future leaders.

In our workplace, future leaders within IBC Bank are becoming more active within our communities thanks to our mentors. Our leadership invests time to mentor and coach promising individuals so IBC will continue to be a bank that is doing more for its community for many years to come. The things you do for yourself die with you. The things you do for others lives on forever.

Finally, one of the most important lessons I learned at the beginning of my career was political involvement. Engagement in the political process, even at the local level, has a profound impact on businesses, individuals and the growth of communities. Change can best be influenced from within. Having a seat at the table is an important step to shaping future laws that may govern how we work and live.

IBC Bank knows that doing more lies at the heart of good banking, business and citizenship. Nationally, banks are working hard to help their customers and communities connect to the resources they need. You can help us make a difference where you live by getting involved in a way that is meaningful to you. We’re actively pursuing positive community change daily. We hope you will, too.