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 Message from our Chairman 

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When I began my career in banking 50 years ago, the only issue bankers had to concern themselves with was the books’ being balanced. As long as the bank’s books tallied correctly, all was as it should be.

Now, financial institutions have to strike another balance - this one between convenience and security. How accessible can we make our client services while still protecting our customers' privacy?

We haven't quite become a cashless society yet, but more and more transactions are being conducted electronically. Debit and credit cards are becoming the preferred payment method around the world. While convenient, those millions of electronic transactions are tempting targets for identity thieves. That's why IBC Bank along with businesses around the country are converting to EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip cards.

For business owners, both large and small, the new payment process means a change in who's responsible for any card-present fraudulent transactions.

A credit card transaction is typically a three-way process: the company that issues the credit card, the merchant being paid and the financial institution that handles the merchant's transactions. Beginning this Oct. 1, card-present fraudulent transactions became the responsibility of the weakest link in that chain. And while merchants aren't required to update their POS equipment, you can rest assured credit card issuers and banks will. That means any merchant who doesn’t replace its current POS equipment with EMV-compliant tools, is responsible for any fraudulent charges they accept. That's a significant risk, especially for small businesses.

That's why IBC Bank, together with First Data Merchant Services, is making EMV-compliant POS equipment available to all its business customers. By creating a unique authentication code every time it's used, an EMV card makes it much more difficult for anyone to steal consumer account information or put our business customers at risk, as well as protecting the consumer.

Furthermore, IBC Bank will be offering EMV Debit Cards to all its customers in January 2016 at no cost to them—security is our priority.

IBC Bank has been part of Texas' business landscape for nearly 50 years and we've seen many changes in the way transactions are handled. We've always been vigilant in protecting our assets and our customers from those who mean them harm, and we continue that vigilance today. Modern technology is meant to be convenient, but it comes with security challenges. Contact your IBC Banker today to learn more about how you can protect yourself, your business, and your future. We're committed to “do more” to help you maintain your security.

I hope you and your family enjoy all the holiday season has to offer—happiness, deep fulfillment, good health, and safe travels. God’s blessings to you and yours!