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Online Banking

 How IBC Protects You 

To Keep You Secure Online

What IBC does to protect you

Online Banking security is one of IBC’s top priorities. We strive to provide the highest levels of confidentiality and information security to protect the accounts of our online banking customers and keep their personal information secure.

IBC Online Banking security measures are thorough and effective:

  • Encryption technology scrambles information as it travels over the Internet.
  • Firewalls only allow messages from authorized sources into system and keep unauthorized users out.
  • Enrollment with IBC Bank Online only allows access when the correct ATM/Check Card or IBC Voice Information and PIN are provided.
  • Access to IBC Bank Online requires a Private User ID and Password.
  • IBC Bank Online sessions automatically terminate if there is no computer activity for ten minutes and a repetition of the login process is required for reconnection.
  • If a wrong User ID and Password are entered at Sign On for the third time, the User ID is automatically locked out and contact with an IBC Representative is required to reset the password for that User ID.