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 IBC Bank Customers Protected from Heartbleed Bug  

At IBC Bank, we are serious about protecting our customer’s personal information. In recent weeks, many individuals have become aware of The Heartbleed bug and its affect on servers. Heartbleed is a defect which impairs encryption technology known as OpenSSL (Secure Socket Layer). OpenSSL is a security layer used on many popular web servers, so that data is passed securely between your computer and the website. The Heartbleed bug exposes user’s data by allowing an individual to make a call to the server requesting user data.

Because IBC does not use Open SSL, our customer information was not affected by Heartbleed. It has been confirmed that IBC Bank’s websites, online banking and mobile banking are not at risk from the Heartbleed vulnerability.

As a standard best practice, we advise you to change your passwords regularly and refrain from using the same password on multiple online accounts. One of our top priorities is helping you protect your personal and financial information.

For more information on security best practices, please visit our Customer Education Zone.