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Business - Merchant Services

 Visa Business Debit Card 

The Card that acts like a check

IBC Business Debit Card is both your ATM card and a way to pay by check-without your checkbook! Use it at any of IBC's ATM's for withdrawals, account inquiries, and transfers. It’s an easy way to purchase office supplies, furniture, and equipment. The IBC Visa Business Debit Card benefits include:

  • No waiting for check approval
  • Make ATM transactions, check balances and transfer funds at any Visa or Plus ATM location
  • Reduce your need for checks or cash
  • Increase your money management capabilities with easier and more accurate record keeping
  • Insure and protect your business with extensive business services
  • Save 10% to 40% on key goods and services for your business and travel services. Certain restrictions may apply

Don’t have an IBC Visa Business Debit Card? Contact an IBC representative or visit the nearest IBC branch.