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 Direct Debit Service 

One of the fastest, most economical ways to convert your receivables into cash is with IBC Bank’s ACH service. ACH debits eliminate the paper associated with accounts receivable functions by electronically transferring funds from your customers’ accounts to your IBC account. ACH debits are ideal for recurring payments, such as insurance premiums, loan payments, utility payments, subscriptions, fees or dues. ACH debits can also consolidate funds deposited in outlying divisions by operating branches or subsidiaries.


  • IBC’s Direct Debit service uses the standard NACHA file format that is available from most accounting systems
  • Standard processing window for ACH debits is one-day prior to settlement. The debits and the corresponding credit to your account will be made the next business day
  • Using IBC Link, IBC’s Online Business Banking System, files can be sent directly from your accounting system or through the use of an online template that is available


  • Reduces cost associated with preparing bills, postage, and deposit preparation, thus eliminating administrative tasks associated with collection
  • Improved cash flow – Increase the speed and accuracy of your collection system
  • Improved customer service – Customers will benefit from automated payments and the reduced cost of paying their bills
  • Reduced delinquencies – ACH payments are made electronically and automatically

For more information, please contact an IBC representative or visit your nearest IBC branch.