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 Wire Transfers 

IBC Bank’s Wire Transfer Service enables customers to initiate payments quickly and easily. Wire Transfers are the fastest way to move funds between financial institutions and are ideal for handling large-dollar transactions. Once transferred, funds are available immediately, giving you the ability to accurately project receipts and disbursements. IBC uses encryption and authentication for the safety and security of your financial information.


  • Convenient initiation from your home or office computer
  • Security Control – Encryption and authentication
  • Verification – A reference number is assigned, allowing for easy tracking of funds
  • Ability to establish and initiate repetitive wire templates, thereby making initiation simple
  • Current day wire report with Federal Reserve Bank wire reference number(s)


  • Speed – Wire Transfer is the fastest method for transferring money
  • Worldwide transfer ability – IBC can assist you with domestic and international wire transfers

For more information, please contact an IBC representative or visit your nearest IBC branch.