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If you have already enrolled in online banking, follow the steps below. See Online Banking demos.
  • On the website homepage enter your User ID and select go.
  • Select I am a new user and submit
  • Select your secure access code preferred contact method. A secure access code will be delivered to you.
  • Enter the secure access code you received in the secure access code field.
  • Establish your new password.
  • Verify/update your Online Banking Profile and submit.
  • If you are using a trusted device, at this time please register your device.
  • Read the Online Banking Agreement, and click I accept.
To conveniently enroll for the first time, follow the steps below.
  • Visit the home page and click "Sign-Up Today!"
  • Enter your ten digit account number and account type.
  • You will be asked to enter several verification tokens; once you have done so click continue.
  • Upon validation of your information, you will be asked to obtain a Secure Access Code.
  • Your profile information will be displayed for review.
  • Next, the Terms and Conditions will display for your acceptance.
The Secure Access Code is a one-time code that allows you to authenticate your Online Banking session. Your Secure Access Code will be delivered to you via e-mail, phone, or text. The one-time Secure Access Code is received within seconds but is only valid for 60 minutes.
If all of the contact information we have on file is inaccurate or out-of-date, you will not be able to proceed any further. Please contact Online Banking Support at 210-841-3000; be prepared to provide your email, cell phone, and/or home phone.

Supported browsers include:

  • Google Chrome (current and previous two versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox 27 (current and previous two versions)
  • Apple Safari (MAC OS Only) (Current and previous two versions)
  • Microsoft Edge (Current and previous version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and up (will no longer work after October 6, 2020)
There are several possible reasons that you may need to register a browser or device again, including:
  • Your browser settings are configured to delete cookies
  • Your browser cookies for Online Banking were removed
  • You use a browser plug-in that automatically removes browser cookies when you close the browser
  • Your account requires a Secure Access Code each time you log in
  • You logged in with a different browser on the same registered computer
  • You deleted and reinstalled the mobile banking app
  • For security reasons, we reset all active registrations for all users
If you choose not to register your computer, you will be asked to go through the security authentication to obtain a Secure Access Code upon each log in. You should not register a public computer or a computer that others might use outside of your control.
Your log in credentials will reset within 24 hours. Please contact Online Banking Support at 210-841-3000 during normal banking hours if this has occurred, and we will be happy to assist you.
Under Settings, click on Security Preferences. You will be asked to change your password: first enter your old password and then your new password. Click change password.
Yes. An endorsement will be required in order to process your deposited check.
The app will inform you once the check or checks that you are depositing have been submitted. This does not mean that your deposit is complete. You should hold onto your deposited check until you see it posted on your bank statement. Checks may be rejected based on limits, quality of the image or other reasons found necessary by IBC Bank.
Typically checks will become available the next business day if deposited before 7 PM Central time. You can view your depositor's agreement for full details. ALL DEPOSITS ARE SUBJECT TO HOLD. THIS INCLUDES PAYROLL CHECKS
Yes, the app will prompt you to take a photo of both the front and back of the check.
The app will review your submission. If the picture is not clear you will receive an error message informing you to retake the image. At that time you will need to recapture the images.
Yes, the system offers two-factor authentication requiring a Secure Access Code to complete the log in process. The system also has a built-in timeout feature that will log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Also, no account information is ever stored on your mobile device.
In the instance that your mobile device is lost, rest assured that no account data is ever stored on your device. You can have your mobile banking access disabled by calling 210-841-3000. It is best practice to refrain from storing your log in credentials on your device.
No. You may enroll directly to Mobile Banking.
You can download the IBC Mobile Banking app by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play and searching for IBC Bank. Data rates may apply.
  • Log in to your online banking account.
  • Click on Text Enrollment under Settings in your menu bar.
  • Fill in the appropriate information to enable and authorize; click Save.
  • Once prompted with enrollment success select Visit Preferences.
  • On the account preferences screen select Enabled to have text banking access on desired accounts. Give each account a unique 4 character display name and a display order.
  • Text LIST to 226563 to receive a list of all text banking commands
  • Text BAL to 226563 to receive account balance
  • Text XFER to 226563 to transfer amount from account 1 to account 2
  • Text HIST to 226563 to receive account history (by account nickname)
  • Text HELP to 226563 for information about text banking and contact information
  • Text STOP to 226563 to Stop all text messages to the mobile device
  • Under the Settings menu tab, select Text Enrollment.
  • Enter your new cell phone number in the SMS Text Number field; agree to terms and conditions, and select Save.
You can use any phone that accepts SMS text & Short Code messages. Data and message rates may apply.
Yes, you can transfer funds to accounts that you have at other financial institutions.
The service itself is free; however, some expedited transactions do have minimal fees. The fee will be clearly listed on the screen. Only some payees offer the expedited services. Click here to view the Schedule of Fees.

Once you are logged in to, select Pay a Bill from the left menu and choose the main account. Next, read and accept the Bill Pay terms and conditions.  Then, add your billers or contacts to pay.  

We are observing social distancing guidelines which the local, state and federal government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have established. Our floors are marked at six foot intervals, to point out where customers should stand as they wait their turn to approach the teller line. We have distributed an additional supply of hand sanitizers to all of our branches to mitigate the spread of germs, however, we encourage you to wash your hands before and after you visit any of our locations. We continue to ensure your access to uninterrupted banking services, either online, in person or via our motor banks for increased social distancing. Your health and wellness are our priority.