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 Payroll Card 

The IBC Payroll Card - The Better Way To Get Paid

The IBC Payroll Card is designed to take the place of a paycheck. This new payroll system enables the Employer to deposit all of an Employee’s wages onto a personal IBC Payroll Card on Payday. Since the Payroll Card is reusable, the Employer can automatically load the wages each pay period.

Employers: Click here to Login.

For Payroll Card Holders

The IBC Payroll Card gives you immediate access to your wages earned on payday. You can use your IBC Payroll Card to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide and purchase goods and services at millions of stores, restaurants, and other businesses.

Click here to register your Payroll Card online. Registering your card will allow you to access your Payroll Card balance and activity online. You can also access your card balance and activity by calling 1-866-335-9097.

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