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  • IBC Bank Savings


From our basic savings plan, to Certificates of Deposit, to IRAs, IBC Bank offers a variety of plans for your personal goals.

Savings Options

Personal Savings Account

Traditional low-cost savings plan with competitive interest rates.
  • Free for account holders under 18 years of age
  • No service charge if required balance is maintained
  • Savings can be used as collateral for a loan
  • Direct deposit makes it convenient for you to save money
IBC Bank Personal Savings Account


Certificates of Deposits (CDs) with guaranteed interest rate for the duration of the term.
  • Get our highest deposit rates
  • All deposits insured up to the legal limit by the FDIC
  • Interest rates vary according to the length of the term duration
IBC Bank CDs


Designed to help with retirement planning, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can be used to: 


  • Reduce from your current year's taxable income
  • Benefit from a variety of investment options
  • Help build a family member's college fund


Click "Learn More" for updates on how IRAs are impacted through the CARES Act.