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  • Savings

Whatever you're saving for, we have a personal savings account to get you there.

  • A basic account with no service charge if minimum daily balance or average collected balance is maintained.
  • Certificates of Deposit with competitive rates to get you there faster.
  • Retirement and education plans with tax advantages.

Personal Savings Accounts

IBC Bank offers a variety of savings accounts to meet your personal savings goals. Whether you are opening your first account, saving for a house or college, or investing in your retirement, we offer basic savings accounts, high-yield Certificates of Deposit, and tax-deferred IRAs to help you save and earn for life's best moments. We also offer online banking to guide you every step of the way. Take advantage of mobile banking for life on the go.

Savings Account

Whether you're just starting out or need a plan to save part of your paycheck, our traditional low-cost savings accounts offer competitive interest rates and with no service charge if minimum daily balance or average collected balance is maintained. Get started with a deposit of only $100 and watch your future grow.
  • Free for account holders under 18 years of age.
  • No service charge if minimum daily balance of $500 is maintained or if average collected balance of $1,500 is maintained.
  • Direct deposit makes it convenient for you to reach your savings goals.
  • 24/7 online banking and mobile banking.
IBC Bank Savings Account

Certificate of Deposits

The best place to save money is where it can earn interest. Plan for your future with our Certificates of Deposits (CDs), a high-yield savings account with guaranteed interest rates for whatever term is right for you. Feel secure knowing that our CDs are a great investment, offer competitive rates, and are FDIC insured.
  • Get our highest deposit interest rates
  • All deposits insured up to the legal limit as an FDIC member bank
  • Interest rates vary by the length of the term - 60 days to 4 years
  • As low as $2,500 to open a CD account
IBC Bank Certificate of Deposits


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are an incredible asset to help you save for your retirement in a tax advantaged way. Your contributions grow tax deferred until you retire. IBC Bank offers three IRA accounts that help you reduce your taxable income, save for college, and let you enjoy tax-free earnings. We've got you covered.
  • Traditional IRA: Reduce from your current year's taxable income and save
  • Roth IRA: Benefit from investments by earning tax free from dividends and interest
  • Educational IRA: Help build a family member's college fund tax free
  • Learn how the CARES Act benefits your IRA