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  • IBC Bank Repurchase Agreement Sweep

Repurchase Agreement Sweep

IBC's Repurchase Agreement (REPO) Sweep allows you to invest excess funds in your accounts, while still maintaining liquidity of those funds.

Repurchase Agreement Sweep


  • Our staff will work with you to determine a target balance for your checking account
  • At the end of each business day, after all debits and credits have posted to your account, collected funds in excess of the target balance are swept into the overnight investment account (IBC Bank requires a minimum investable balance of $250,000.00)
  • The next day the funds are swept back into your account and the process is repeated again at the end of the day, provided that you have sufficient funds


  • Excess account balances are always fully invested
  • If funds are needed to cover account activity, the exact amount is swept back into your account
  • You receive daily confirmation reports disclosing all collateral information
For more information, please contact an IBC representative or visit your nearest IBC branch.