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  • IBC Bank Treasury Management

Treasury Management

At IBC Bank, we offer state of the art technology to provide convenient products and valuable, low-cost services for small and large businesses. You can rely on our knowledgeable and professional bankers to recommend the necessary tools to manage your daily operations. In addition, we look for opportunities and explore new ideas to create individually tailored solutions that will further enhance and maximize your efficiency. We pride ourselves in providing unmatched customer service through a one-on-one relationship. Talk to one of our trained professionals today!
We're committed to making it as easy as possible for you to do business with us!

Treasury Management

IBC Deposit Express - Remote Deposit

  • Make check deposits without leaving your home or office. That's convenience!
  • Immediate confirmation of deposits
  • Decrease fraud risk
  • Simplified deposit processing
IBC Bank IBC Deposit Express - Remote Deposit

Payroll Cards

The IBC Payroll Card is designed to take the place of a paycheck. This new payroll method enables the employer to deposit all of an employee's wages onto a personal IBC Payroll Card on payday. Since the Payroll Card is reloadable, the employer can automatically load the wages each period.
  • Convenient, fast and easy to use
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Immediate access to wages earned on payday
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide
IBC Bank Payroll Cards

Repurchase Agreement Sweep

  • Our staff will work with you to determine a target balance for your checking account
  • Excess account balances are always fully invested
  • If funds are needed to cover account activity, the exact amount is swept back into your account
  • You receive daily confirmation reports disclosing all collateral information
IBC Bank Repurchase Agreement Sweep

Notifications and Alerts

Set up balance alerts, incoming wire alerts and more for efficient management of your financial activity.
IBC Bank Notifications and Alerts