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IBC Link - Online Business Banking

At IBC Bank, we offer state of the art technology to provide convenient products and valuable, low-cost services for small and large businesses. A key component of that technology is IBC Link - Online Business Banking. IBC Link is an invaluable tool in today's fast-paced, technology based business environment. With our Online Business Banking System, business banking is a snap! You can access multiple accounts using a standard web browser on a PC , mobile device or with our mobile app.  Download the IBC Mobile app from the Apple App store or Google Play store!

Online Business Banking

Direct Deposit Service

Your company can save time and money by directly depositing paychecks into your employees' bank accounts. Direct Deposit is convenient for your employees, while reducing the time required in reconciling your monthly statement. In addition to payroll transactions, the Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit service can be used for employee reimbursements, commissions, bonuses, pension payments, shareholder dividends and other payment types.
  • Reduces payroll costs
  • Makes account reconciliation quick and easy
  • Lower transaction costs with ACH than with checks
  • National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) file format, available from most payroll systems
IBC Bank Direct Deposit Service

Wire Transfers

IBC Bank's Wire Transfer service enables customers to initiate payments quickly and easily. Wire Transfers are the fastest way to move funds between financial institutions and are ideal for handling large-dollar transactions. Once transferred, funds are available immediately, giving you the ability to accurately project receipts and disbursements. IBC Bank uses encryption and authentication for the safety and security of your financial information.
  • Convenient initiation from your home or office computer
  • Security control - encryption and authentication
  • Wire Transfer is the fastest method for transferring money
  • A reference number is assigned for easy tracking of funds
IBC Bank Wire Transfers

Direct Debit Service

One of the fastest, most economical ways to convert your receivables into cash is with IBC Bank's  Automated Clearing House (ACH) service. ACH debits eliminate the paper associated with accounts receivable functions by electronically transferring funds from your customers' accounts to your IBC Bank account.
  • National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) file format, available from most payroll systems
  • Reduces cost associated with preparing bills, postage, and deposit preparation
  • Reduced delinquencies
  • Improved cash flow
IBC Bank Direct Debit Service

Positive Pay - Fraud Prevention

IBC Bank's Positive Pay service is designed to help you detect and prevent check fraud. With this tool, you can focus on your business and be confident that we are hard at work for you.
  • IBC Bank's Positive Pay service provides you the tools to detect and counteract potential check fraud
  • Allows you to identify discrepancies before the posting of an item is finalized
  • Simplifies your daily process of exception item handling
  • Minimizes the risk of loss due to fraud
IBC Bank Positive Pay - Fraud Prevention

Zero Balanced Accounts

With a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) from IBC Bank, your company can link one or more subsidiary accounts to a master funding account, allowing you to gain greater control over the use of your funds.
  • Multiple zero balance accounts can be tied to a single master funding account
  • Can be simple or complex
  • Master account automatically transfers funds to the subsidiary accounts whenever needed to make a payment
  • Pulls the funds back when there are excess funds in the subsidiary accounts
IBC Bank Zero Balanced Accounts

Lockbox Service

If accelerating the collection of your accounts receivable is an important ingredient for your company's cash flow, IBC Bank's Lockbox Service may be just what you need. These payments are typically low dollar, high volume transactions that can have a measurable impact on a company's bottom line.
  • IBC Bank can provide a file of your transactions in a standard CSV format to automatically update your accounts receivable
  • A deposit report, accounts receivable updated file, and images of checks and invoices are available on IBC Link
  • By reducing check-clearing float, your funds are made available more quickly to minimize borrowing needs and/or maximize investment returns
  • Each lockbox account is assigned to one of IBC Bank's professional staff members who become familiar with your unique processing specifications
IBC Bank Lockbox Service

Balance Reporting

IBC Link lets you manage your account efficiently, with a variety of capabilities in one place to allow you to securely perform tasks and view vital account information when you need it.
  • View current and available balances, float, accrued interest, earned interest, and more
  • Transfer funds between your IBC Bank accounts
  • View current day and previous day activity, including images
  • View eStatements online whenever you like
  • Export to your accounting software
IBC Bank Balance Reporting

User Control

User access can be controlled by your assigned company administrator, including tiered authority and maximum transaction limits.
  • User ID: company administrator can control multiple accounts and users securely
  • Tiered authority: complete control as to which accounts show up for each user and what transactional access is assigned, including daily limits
  • Daily maximum limits: set limits on transaction amount per user, per function
IBC Bank User Control

Payments and Collections

With IBC Link, payments and collections are simplified, freeing you for more important things.
  • Conduct secure domestic and international wire transfers from your office
  • Pay your Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) taxes online
  • Setup payments and receivables; setup direct deposit payroll; send pre-formatted fields without additional manual input
  • Schedule one-time and recurring bill payments with Bill Pay
IBC Bank Payments and Collections
IBC's Treasury Management Team is here to assist you in determining the best options available to meet your unique business needs.
Technical Support: Easy access personal support - call our dedicated IBC Link Support Representatives at 210-821-4744, 8:00am - 5:00pm CST, Monday-Friday.
For more information, please contact an IBC representative or visit your nearest IBC branch.