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  • IBC Bank Positive Pay

Positive Pay

IBC Bank's Positive Pay Service is designed to help you detect and prevent check fraud. With this tool you can focus on your business and be confident that we are hard at work for you.

Positive Pay - Fraud Prevention


  • Each day, you will send IBC a file detailing the checks that you have issued
  • Your issued checks are compared with the checks that are presented for payment against your account daily
  • If a presented item does not match the MICR information contained in your issued items file, you will receive notification of the exception item via IBC Link, our Online Business Banking System
  • IBC's Positive Pay system can detect duplicate items, amount differences, and items presented that are not included in your issued items list
  • Utilizing the user-friendly IBC Link interface, you can view images of your exception items and make "Pay" or "Return" decisions
  • The decision window allows you sufficient time to review and research your exception items


  • IBC's Positive Pay service provides you the tools to detect and counteract potential check fraud
  • Allows you to identify discrepancies before the posting of an item is finalized
  • Simplifies your daily process of exception item handling
  • Minimizes the risk of loss due to fraud
  • The Teller Line Positive Pay feature allows any IBC teller to verify or reject a check presented against your account