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 Controlled Disbursement 

Whether your goal is to maximize investment returns or reduce daily borrowings, knowing which items are going to be presented against your account is an important part of your cash flow equation. With a Controlled Disbursement Account, IBC Bank can take the guesswork out of your planning activities.


  • Daily disbursement report by 10:30 am CST that includes full detail of all items to be presented against your account that day, not just the dollar amount
  • A single presentment allows cash position to be determined early in the day
  • Utilizing state of the art Item Processing systems, items are sorted by that routing number, thereby making it possible to present your information to you very early


  • Eliminates the uncertainty of check clearing
  • Facilitates daily cash forecasting, including making decisions on whether to invest excess funds or paydown debt obligations

For more information, please contact an IBC representative or visit your nearest IBC branch.