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Online & Mobile Banking Changes Now Available

Sunday, June 04, 2017
IBC continues to make improvements to online and mobile banking to enhance performance and improve your online experience. Here are some of the changes:
Account Grouping - You can now group your accounts into different categories to help organize your accounts. Simply drag and drop an account into the new folder box to try this new feature. *Must have more than one account.
Quick Transfer - From the home page, click or tap to the right of your account to quickly transfer funds from one account to another.
View more account activity - The account details section on desktop will now be collapsed by default (Similar to mobile banking). This will allow you to see more of your transactions at first glance. You can still see the account details by simply clicking on the "details" link.
View more transaction detail - This will allow you to see more of your transaction location detail at one glance.
Hide Accounts - You now have the ability to hide accounts from the home screen. You control the accounts that appear so you only see what you choose to see.