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Motor Bank and ATM Transactions

Motorbank and ATM usage for Contactless Banking

At IBC Bank the health and wellness of our employees and our customers are of outmost priority. That is why in light of Covid-19 we are taking precautionary measures and observing social distancing. Our lobbies are still open, but we are asking our customers to use our motor banks for all transactions that can be conducted in that manner.
Motor Bank Transactions include Checking/Savings deposits, Checking/Savings withdrawals, IBC Customer check cashing, and Commercial change orders. You can also deposit checks using our ATM machines.
First, insert your debit card into the machine and then specify preferred language.
Remember to protect your pin number.
Specify type of transaction such as "deposit" and whether you will deposit cash or checks. The ATM will give us information on when the funds will be available and if you would like to continue with this transaction.
Select "Yes," to continue and to which account (checking or savings account).
Select "yes" if you would like a receipt.
Straighten out your check to make it easy to insert and to ensure that the check is endorsed. When ready, press continue. Make sure that the amount on screen is equal to the amount you are depositing. If so, press continue.
And that's how easy it is to make a deposit. Make sure to take your receipt as well as your debit card. Your health and wellness are our priority. My IBC Bank online.