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Message from our Chairman

Dennis Nixon - Ibc Chairman
Every two years, the Texas Legislature meets for a 140-day regular session.  As community bankers, we watch the legislative agenda and work closely with lawmakers from across the state on a wide range of issues. From public education to property taxes, what happens in Austin from early January through the end of May can have profound effects on the communities we serve.
Our elected officials at the state level have the opportunity to do much good - and harm - during the legislative session. Two years ago, lawmakers wasted much time and energy on controversial issues like Senate Bill 4, which has had a disastrous impact on the immigrant workforce vital to the Texas economy, and social issues like transgender bathroom access and abortion.
When state leaders focus on divisive issues such as these, they ignore the ones that matter most - promoting economic growth and creating a path to prosperity for all Texans.  Worse, they send the wrong message to businesses that want to start and grow in Texas, and those considering moving to Texas.
That's why we're leading the discussion about Texas priorities at the Capitol. But we're doing more than just being engaged ourselves.  Through our monthly Conversations of Texas series, we're inviting customers and friends across our markets to come into our branches for the exclusive opportunity to hear from Texas lawmakers first-hand about their agendas for the legislative session. 
Not everyone can take the time to go to Austin and visit with lawmakers from different parts of the state.  With our Conversations of Texas series, we're bringing those elected officials to people in our communities and demonstrating once again that at IBC Bank, "We Do More" is more than a slogan.
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