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Message from our Chairman

Dennis Nixon - Ibc Chairman
We are amid a major health crisis that is affecting the entire world.
Coronavirus is clearly a danger, and until it passes, we will not truly know how bad the virus is in terms of number of sick people and deaths. For the sake of stability, we must live in the present and deal with the requirements of everyday life. We must remain positive, calm and focused. Keep healthy tips and practices at the forefront while monitoring daily updates.

We are conducting the highest sanitary measures at every one of our locations to help protect each of you and our staff. We ask you to do the same. Make sure you have taken suggested hygiene steps when handling your financial transactions at the bank. Clean hands by washing or sanitizing is recommended before you arrive. It is also important to refrain from touching your face. If each person follows the recommendations on hand-washing or sanitizing, that will help a great deal. All these self-help practices will add value to ending this terrible health crisis.  

Please know you can use our IBC Bank mobile app and online banking services to conduct your financial business from home or work. We also have 284 ATM's throughout 88 communities to give you easy access to cash and deposit transactions as well as our drive thru motor banks. If you are feeling ill or have symptoms, we advise you to stay at home and use one of our electronic banking tools to do your banking.

Our website can also keep you informed on any schedule changes or updates to IBC Bank branches near you. Rest assured our goal is to be at your service as we have been for over 50 years.

At IBC Bank our main concern is the day to day needs of our customers and our economy and keeping the wheels of commerce churning in order to carry on everyday living. IBC Bank truly cares about every single individual, from our employees to our clients. We must pay attention to our business and keep it viable and responsive for the sake of our families and our communities. 

It is always in a crisis that we find our heroes, among them are our loyal IBC Bank employees. These dedicated individuals are coming in to work with a positive attitude and eager to help all our customers with their financial needs. I am proud of each one of them for going above and beyond. They take their responsibilities very seriously and are ready to serve. IBC Bank is here for each of you in every possible way. We truly want to go the extra mile to make life easier for busy families and continue to build trust with our customers.

Let's all pledge to do our very best to work together as a conscientious community. We want to look back after this crisis passes, and it will, assured each one of us did everything we could to be a part of the solution. That is what We Do More is all about.  

Stay positive and stay healthy!

Dennis E. Nixon