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As we move through the first quarter, we see many challenges for our nation that were not evident in 2023.

The transition from one year to the next normally brings collective optimism, a chance to leave behind the struggles of the past and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead, but what we see today, leaves the people of America in doubt.


In the face of adversity, 2024 should serve as a symbolic reset button, allowing us to reflect on the lessons learned and to envision a brighter future. Cognizant of the uncertainties we faced in 2023, we must come together to set goals for progress, unity, and success. We must find a better way in 2024. At IBC Bank, we strive to be your architects of positive change with successful outcomes driven by our We Do More mantra. Our team is working very hard to promote change so we can build a brighter future.


As IBC embarks on 58 years of serving 75 communities at 165 facilities throughout Texas and Oklahoma, we remain committed to provide our customers the financial services they need, and uphold the pillars of trust, leadership, and loyalty they deserve. That is at the core of what IBC is all about. Whether it's a free checking account, credit card, savings, insurance, or a loan. We go above and beyond to be there for you in person or through our convenient on line channels.


Protecting our customer's hard-earned money is our top priority. Today, in a world of vulnerabilities and fraud, we make every effort to safeguard against scammers who everyday try to steal from you. As consumers, it is imperative that every individual exercise vigilance and proactively learn about fraud tactics. Without your interactive participation in fraud prevention, we cannot win against these fraudsters because they work every day to steal your money. Our IBC Bank YouTube channel provides a variety of videos on how to avoid fraud, identity theft and scams of all kinds. We encourage all our customers to take time to review and learn more about fraud prevention.


We pride ourselves on being your hometown bank. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe you are our biggest asset. That is why person-to-person customer service is the focus at IBC. Rest assured we are here to help and guide you. Let's continue doing more together in 2024.

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