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Message from our Chairman

Dennis Nixon - Ibc Chairman

Safety, Security and Health remain a top priority

It's hard to believe that just five years ago we were celebrating our 50th anniversary. Now here we are in 2021 marking our 55th year of "Doing More" for our customers. A lot has changed in just those few years, which all of us have had to adjust to, but we continue to win.

As we approach our second quarter of 2021, IBC Bank and all its employees continue to live and work by our "Do More" mantra. Now more than ever, we witness the continued resilience of our customers, our businesses, and our people.  It is during adversity that we find our strength and discover our abilities in all 88 communities we serve. It's no wonder Forbes has IBC Bank on their 2021 list as one of the Top 4 banks in Texas and the top 55 banks in the World.

With COVID still lingering we must not rest on our laurels. There is still a lot of work to be done.  Your health is still our priority. Our advice remains the same because It is important that everyone makes every effort to get vaccinated.  Fortunately, vaccines are available at a variety of locations including pharmacies and clinics. Learn more by reading updates on the website. Until it is all clear, our facilities will continue to observe use of masks, social distancing and sanitizing  areas daily. We appreciate and thank you for your cooperation during this horrible COVID 19 crisis.

Your security is also our priority; therefore, we also urge you to sign up for IBC Card Controls, which is a helpful tool to prevent fraud as well as many other useful features. During these times when sinister criminals attempt to compromise your credit card, this system alerts you of any activity on your IBC Bank debit card among its other services. Peace of mind that your funds are being monitored and reported to you instantly is so important.  This is a free service that can save you headaches and ultimately a lot of money.  Certain restrictions apply so make sure you read and understand all the policies, and a convenient video tutorial can be found on our website at

As your hometown bank, it is important that you know we are here for you through a variety of channels. Whether you are a domestic or foreign customer, we provide you with as much financial guidance as you desire. Person-to- person transactions are the pinnacle of our business.  No matter what your commercial or personal needs, you know there is an IBC Banker you can speak to. Our goal is to keep your loyalty, confidence, and trust.

Our business is based on community service. We are successful when you are successful. Therefore, our JD Power surveys are so important. Please fill out the survey when you have an opportunity. This is the way we know you better. JD Power shares that information and pinpoints opportunities for improving your IBC customer experience.

No matter how you wish to conduct business at this time, you can count on IBC Bank to be there for you and your entire family.  We also appreciate the referrals to friends, colleagues and business associates that may not bank with us. Let them know, we would love an opportunity to explore how we can help them too.

Stay positive, stay focused and most importantly, get vaccinated. Great things are on the horizon if we continue to work together for a better tomorrow. Remember, our IBC Bank facilities are fully open to serve you, so please stop by.

Dennis E. Nixon