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Message from our Chairman

Dennis Nixon - Ibc Chairman

At IBC Bank, relationships are at the core of our mission and values as a community bank. We strive to "Do More," not just for our customers but also for the communities we serve across Texas and Oklahoma. While the last several months have presented various challenges for sectors across both states, for small businesses and individuals, it has been a stressful time just trying to survive. As small business owners balanced declining revenues, confusing stay-at-home orders and a determined attitude to keep staff on the payroll, it quickly became clear that without external funding, temporary closures were likely to become permanent.

When the government decided to provide emergency aid and relief loans to qualifying businesses across the country, banks were given a central role, which involved the approval and distribution of nearly $50 billion Paycheck Protection Program ("PPP) loans in Texas, according to the Texas Bankers Association. The survival of many small businesses was dependent on the success and approval of these PPP forgivable loans.  The problem was that the Small Business Administration had neither the staff nor the capability of approving and funding that many loans in such a short period of time.

At IBC Bank, decisions are made locally, by people you know and people you trust. Our financial experts live, work and play in the communities where our customers do business. We were front-line allies with and advocates for small businesses, working around the clock for our customers throughout these uncertain times. Between coaching them through every step of the PPP process including processing the loans to helping them navigate our online, mobile and virtual services, we have created a support system to assist people from every walk of life - business owners, community leaders, mothers, fathers, students and homeowners.

No matter the disruption - from the pandemic, to natural disasters, to civic unrest, we will continue to be a trusted resource for families and small businesses throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Beyond banking, we will remain resilient, capitalizing on relationships and recommitting to our customers the stellar service they deserve. Our capable employees are focused on assisting every small business and every individual customer through these turbulent times. That is our pledge from us to you, our customer, our neighbor, our friend. Together we do more.