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IBC Bank Community

Beyond Banking - Your Health and Wellness are our Priority

We continue to evaluate the best way to serve our customers as well as to implement strategies to limit the spread of disease. The financial services sector is identified as Critical Infrastructure Sector by the Department of Homeland Security.  Consistent with the President's guidelines, workers of financial institutions are critical to maintaining safe and efficient financial services and ensuring citizens have access to financial transactions and services that are necessary to conduct their daily lives.  

Therefore, we are observing social distancing guidelines which the local, state and federal government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have established.  When you visit our lobbies, we will only allow 10 customers in that particular space.  Furthermore, our floors are marked at six foot intervals, to point out where customers should stand as they wait their turn to approach the teller line.  We have distributed an additional supply of hand sanitizers to all of our branches to mitigate the spread of germs, however, we encourage you to wash your hands before and after you visit any of our locations.

We continue to ensure your access to uninterrupted banking services, either online, in person or via our motor banks for increased social distancing.

Suggested use of technology:
1. Use your debit card at the point of sale instead of exchanging cash.  Set up your IBC Bank debit card on your mobile wallet for contactless payments using your mobile phone.
2. Many of our ATMs now take cash and check deposits.   Please visit our ATM locator on for locations near you.  
3. Mobile banking app can be used to deposit checks using the camera on your smartphone.  All check deposits via your mobile phone or at the ATM will be processed just as those conducted at any of our branches, with same hold times if any. 
4. Pay all your bills IBC Bank Mobile app or MyIBC Bank Online, without having to leave your home.
5. Through the desktop version of MyIBC Bank Online, you can also transfer funds between your accounts - including those at other financial institutions. 
6. For more information you can view our Online Banking demos on    
7. Stay posted with up-to-the-minute information on our website at and on our social media channels via Facebook and Instagram.  Please visit for regular updates to our Hours of Operation.  

At IBC Bank, We Do More to serve our customers and community and to limit the impact of COVID-19 on our daily operations.  Safeguarding our customers and employees is of maximum importance to us.