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Various Mutual Funds
They offer diversification in a client's portfolio with affordable, minimum additions
Simple Concept
Each investor shares proportionately in the fund's investment returns, the income (dividends or interest) paid on the securities and any capital gains or losses caused by sales of securities the fund holds
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Securities and insurance offered through LPL or its affiliates are:

Not Insured by FDIC or
Any Other Government Agency
Not Bank Guaranteed Not Bank Deposits or Obligations May Lose Value
IBC Bank Investment - Growth and Income Funds
Growth and Income Funds
Buy shares of established companies.
IBC Bank Investment - Sector Funds
Sector Funds
Buy shares of companies in a particular sector.
IBC Bank Investment - Index Funds
Index Funds
Buy shares of every stock in a particular index, such as the S&P 500.
IBC Bank Investment - Junk Bonds
Junk Bonds
Bond funds which range anywhere from government bond funds to more risky high-yield bond funds. High yield/junk bonds (grade BB or below) are not investment grade securities and are subject to higher interest rate, credit, and liquidity risks than those graded BBB and above. They generally should be part of a diversified portfolio for sophisticated investors.