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Common Sense Border Security Solutions

Friday, February 03, 2017
The current reality on the Texas/Mexico border as well as much of the border outside of Texas is the flow of immigrants who illegally enter the US has declined dramatically over the last couple of decades after the massive influx that occurred in the 1980's. Today, the border is still faced with an illegal entry problem with individuals still coming to the USA in hope of participating in the American dream—a chance to succeed.
These economic migrants, a term used by the US Border Patrol, are basically law-abiding people who are seeking work because their country of origin has not given them a chance to succeed even at the basic levels of feeding their families. The primary drivers for Central American migration to the US are family reunification (family members already established in the U.S.), perceptions of amnesty (largely driven by misinformation), fear of violence, and of course better economic opportunities. Much of this is fueled by a lack of consequences, which generally involves detention and removal, if appropriate, and criminal prosecution. Read More...
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